Changes in life sciences patenting have been breathtaking in the last few decades. The patentability of biotech inventions has continued to evolve, making the task of transforming inventions to value challenging. This is especially difficult because the criteria for patentability in different countries continue to evolve and are sometimes in direct opposition to each other. SB practitioners have been at the forefront of this challenge with over 25 years of experience in obtaining patents for their clients. We have helped clients not only survive but thrive with enforceable and valuable patents that deliver value worldwide in countries with different patent standards. Biotech/Pharma inventions are increasingly valuable in fields such as informatics, quantum optics, nanotechnology, and chemical engineering. Our experienced biotech/pharma practitioners have experience as researchers and can, with the help of the inventors, understand and appreciate the nuances of a biotech/pharma discovery to assist your company in deriving maximum value from your inventions worldwide.

  • Antisense inhibition and RNA interference
  • Biochips, bioprocessing, biosynthesis, micro- and nanofluidics
  • Disease diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and drug delivery
  • Biologics and biosimilars; bioengineering new activities for known molecules
  • Repositioning known drugs for new indications
  • Fermentation and bioreactors
  • Immunotherapy, tumor antigens, antibodies, and vaccines
  • Oncogenes and tumor suppressors, their roles in carcinogenesis
  • Nucleic acid assays and related technologies
  • Pharmacogenomics and precision medicine
  • Plant patents, transgenic and CRISPR edited plants and animals
  • Embryonic and adult stem cells
  • X-ray crystallography, NMR and mass spectroscopy
  • Bio-defense and detection of biowarfare agents
  • Artificial organs and medical devices
  • Stents, implants, and other surgical instruments
  • Bioinformatics