Our Philosophy

Studebaker Brackett PC is committed to daily success through a collaborative team effort: each person is required to take full stewardship of their work product and knows that every task is worth doing well. To accomplish this, responsiveness combined with good communication is essential, coupled with a willingness to learn from everyone and every situation while parlaying those lessons to future work. We take pride in providing high-quality patent prosecution services at competitive prices. Moreover, we provide a cost-effective approach to patent prosecution by providing highly competitive fixed fees and comparatively low overhead costs. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality patent strategies and results in a timely manner.

To best serve our clients, SB has invested heavily in assembling a dedicated support staff of the best and most experienced attorneys, patent agents, and technical staff. Many of our attorneys have combined experience as patent attorneys and U.S. Patent Examiners. Our patent agents are highly experienced in their respective fields of technology. We achieve high quality service by properly training each team member, and reviewing all work generated by junior level attorney or agents. The staff members are required to take continuing education on a regular basis to keep up with the ever-changing rules and procedures in order to minimize human error.

Our progress in climbing into the top-ranking among patent law firms is due to our philosophy of efficiently offering our clients cost-effective, powerful intellectual property protection by leveraging our deep technical expertise and longstanding professional relationship with the USPTO.