Chemistry/Materials Science

Achieving value for pharmaceutical, chemical and material science discovery requires practitioners with practical experience in these industries. We have been lead patent counsel for very large multinationals, as well as small startups, in a variety of industries including consumer electronics, automotive, medical devices, and chemical processing. This practice allows us to understand the discovery from the inventors, to know the needs of the business, and to address the concerns of the investors and licensees.

  • Nutraceuticals, functional foods, and supplements
  • Automotive: ceramics, polymers, sensors, glass and radiator coatings, airbag propellants
  • Electronics: semiconductor and circuit board fabrication
  • Manufacturing: photolithography and material handling
  • Communications: optical fiber materials, coatings for antennas or transmitters
  • Polymers, intercalating polymers, and polymer entrapment
  • Petroleum – extraction, enhanced oil recovery fluids, and remediation
  • Photovoltaic technology: solar cells and batteries
  • Printers, scanners, and toner components
  • Paints and their pigments
  • Construction and roadwork: materials and additives
  • Papermaking: pulp processing and syngas processing
  • Agrochemicals, seed processing, and soil treatment
  • Instruments – atomic force microscopy, spectrometers, other analytical instruments
  • Cosmetics: formulations, storage, and dispensing