Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Attorneys and agents at Studebaker Brackett PC draw from their technical and legal knowledge, understanding of USPTO practices and procedures, and experience in negotiating with patent examiners to obtain claims that advance your business objectives. The success of patent prosecution however should start with patent applications properly draft to comply with US practice. We are available to review and revise applications previously prepared by our clients or draft new applications based on invention disclosures provided by our clients. We often work collaboratively with our clients and inventors to identify, describe and claim the essence of the inventions using simple, clear and consistent language in a manner to better enable efficient and effective prosecution.

Many of our practitioners previously worked as Examiners, and thus understand the perspectives, challenges and positions of many Examiners. We work with Examiners in a thoughtful, helpful manner to assist them in better understanding the core invention of the claims and the distinction from the prior art. Understanding the substantial time demands of Examiners and the difficulty in “reading between the lines” or interpreting an Examiner’s position based solely on a written office action, we often conduct Examiner interviews to ask questions, listen, and engage in back and forth discussions with Examiners to successfully advance prosecution.